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Through a combination of tests, we can create a clear understanding of your specific wellness needs and health concerns. This analysis by our team of professionals will form the base of your personalised programmes.


(Pack analysis and dietary consultation )

20 mins . 250€ 

The first DNA-based analysis of the intestinal microbiota allows personalised recommendations through the study of the intestinal flora. It analyses the balance of intestinal bacteria, which can indicate inflammation and many other intestinal dysfunctions as well as tendency to gain weight, emotional balance and sleep disorders. This analysis is accompanied by an adapted dietary programme and a consultation with a dietician.


The Oligoscan is a medical device for measuring the oligo-mineral tissue terrain. Thanks to this device acting by spectrophotometry, a dietician provides you with an assessment of your mineral deficiencies or excesses (calcium, silicon...) and the possible presence of heavy metals (mercury, lead...). These results allow a targeted rectification action thanks to the advice of a dietician during the session.

30 mins . 90€ 


An assessment of the structural body, joint function and mobility. A review of past and present injuries and including your current treatment plan. This will enable our physio / osteopath to create a clear starting place for the team of your physical needs and expectations from each programme.

45 mins . 110€ 

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This consultation with our natural therapies coach will assess your energetic needs. Making a plan for you based on any inflammation and pain you may be suffering from, stresses, traumas or other life paths you may be living with and would like guidance on navigating.

30 mins . 80€ 


A fitness and mobility consultation with a member of our Active life plan team will form the base of your personalised programme. This will include a body composition test and account created with my wellness.


45 mins . 110€ 

TANITA is a Body composition test which is non-invasive and painless. It allows us to determine various physiological parameters such as fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, body hydration, etc. It allows us to draw up an assessment of the state of health and to adapt our tailor-made programmes.

15 mins . 50€ 


Adapting your diet with simple but effective changes can have dramatic results to your general wellbeing and can be the missing piece in lots of peoples feeling of ill health. Our nutritionist takes stock of your eating habits during an initial assessment. She will then guide you on how to improve your diet and help you to gain digestive comfort, reduce the fatigue linked to an ill-adapted eating pattern, improve your blood tests and lose weight.


45 mins . 120€ 

 . A full spectrum of blood tests can be taken tailored to any specific concerns.

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